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we write not to only to communicate, but to also understand.

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Stephane Manga

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Look, I’m glad ‘12 Years [A Slave]’ got made and it’s wonderful that people are seeing it and there is another view of what happened in America. But I’m not real sure why Steve McQueen wanted to tackle that particular sort of thing.

[‘Fruitvale Station’] explains things like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the problems with stop and search, and is just more poignant. America is much more willing to acknowledge what happened in the past: ‘We freed the slaves! It’s all good!’ But to say: ‘We are still unnecessarily killing black men’ – let’s have a conversation about that.


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"My favorite present was a necklace that my boyfriend gave me, it’s a music box. It’s a really tiny music box and it has pink diamonds in it. And you open it up and there’s a little ’b’. It’s so cute. I’m not wearing it right now, because of the show tonight, but it was my favorite gift."

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kill that muffin top!